My Potential Instructional Problem for a WCBT Solution: Creating and Updating a Central Publications Library

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  • Published : March 29, 2011
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Assignment 1

Instructional Problem
My potential instructional problem for a W/CBT solution would be creating/updating a Central Publications Library (CTPL). Every squadron has a CTPL, which controls all of the squadron’s publications for their aircraft. These include maintenances instruction manuals, program binders, etc. Couples of years ago, all the publications were tracked on paper, but last year the Navy created a computer based program to track and maintain the CTPL. The problem is the most CTPL librarians are junior personnel and don’t have a clear instruction on how to manage the program. My idea for the W/CBT would be to create a program that will basically teach someone how to run the CTPL program. As an inspector, I’ve see both CTPL’s that were good and some that were bad. I would take my experience and also take survey/ideas from librarians that are down the street and implement them into my program. I will also use one of them to review my program and see if they like it or not. I believe W/CBT would be a great way to go to solve this problem because the Navy is becoming more and more computer driven. In order to stay on top of this trend, the Navy needs to keep having sailors be more computer literate. Since sailors are attached to ships, squadrons, and bases around the world, having a traditional classroom setting is almost unfeasible. By developing the course into a cd or by having a website, the Navy not only can quickly teach all their sailors, but can apply the cost savings into more critical areas.

Cognitive Domain
Evaluation: Reviewing the results from previous inspections, I will gather up the common discrepancies and develop a training plan based on those discrepancies. In addition, I would find a volunteer that has never done CTPL program and use them as a basis to teach him or her CTPL program. Synthesis: After performing the evaluation, I will take that information and include my own experience...
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