My Positive Experience in Life

Topics: High school Pages: 1 (298 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Everybody has had a positive experience in their life. Mine was moving to a foreign country where language was a barrier between me. That was the experience I had to deal with when I moved to Brawley. I started my 6th grade school year in Mulberry Elementary School where most of the people spoke English. I was a shy little kid living in a parallel world. For me it was tough starting from zero. I had to make new friends, learn a new language, and manage to fit in a new world I had to live in. I had a tutor that helped me throughout my years in the school. Jr. High, I was the humiliation for some students. They would made fun of my English but I didn’t pay attention to their non sense. I was actually proud of myself because I was learning a new language while they only new one. To my surprise I learned the basics of English. In eighth grade I graduated with honors and my parents were proud of me. When I made it to High school, I actually met my true friends. They are the ones who encourage me to not care what others may say and to be more confident about myself. Now I say what I have to say. If I’m mistaken feedbacks are more than welcome. I’m not a perfect person. This has been a positive life experience because from something challenging and tough I learned something. I know I have grown as a person. I’ve learned not to care what others may say. Now I know that if I propose myself a new goal I can achieve it, and my new goal is to learn how to write a well done essays with an extended vocabulary.
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