My Political Ideology

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  • Published : October 28, 2010
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A political ideology, as described in the course textbook by George MacLean and Duncan Wood, is a set or system of ideas that form the basis of a political or economic system and provide guidance and direction for political leadership (48). My political ideology is environmentalism. It is because of this that determines what I will discuss in this paper. I will describe what environmentalism is, why I believe it is my political ideology, and if to be given the chance, how environmentalism would affect me as the leader of Canada. The environment affects people in various ways at every moment of the day and more attention deserves to be paid to it.

In Politics: An Introduction, MacLean and Wood introduce the history of environmentalism. Stemming from a movement within Europe, Canada and the United States a quarter of a century ago, environmentalism caused changed in government policies to benefit the planet. This new direction turned attention to the needed protection of earth's natural resources, such as water, and the support of a more simplistic form of life. Environmentalism crosses the boundary between being a political ideology and being an economic ideology as it reveals current economic systems to be the cause of destruction to nature. Environmentalism has many scientific factors fuelling the belief system to which it is devoted and uses scientific evidence relating to changes in climate patterns, damage being done to earth's atmosphere, and forms of pollution, combined with evidence of the harming effects these factors have on the health of peoplem, creates the awares of the struggles our environment is facing to show valued aspects. Pollution has a huge affect on the environment and those who believe in environmentalism are strongly encouraging their governments to change the use and overuse of non-renewable resources. Due to such overuse of non-renewable resources by large industrial companies, environmentalism highlights the benefit of using...
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