My Point of View

Topics: Present, Time, Future Pages: 2 (587 words) Published: March 6, 2013
God created everything out of nothing. He created the world and we are part of this creaton. We are created through his image and likeness. You cannot say that man is only a neither baby nor soul. These two elements constitute a man. One may exist without the other element but with a meaningless life. We must be grateful that we had these two elements. Although we have these two elements, we can’t say that we can survive or live alone. As the saying, “No man is an island”, God has given us life for us to have a fruitful and meaningful learning in this world. He also gives us the free will to do everything. And only one who can take back his gift of life to us. Each of us has a mission to fulfill in this dimension. We can socialize with others because of the existence of bonds connecting in between us. Even though God doesn’t explain to us why, what, where, when and etc. He gave us life it is implied to us that He is the most powerful, and in order to thank Him, by way of treasuring and enjoying our life to the fullest before our time comes. Childhood is a stage in our life that worth remembering. This is where beautiful memories are often made. We are conscious about our future but rather we play and play and play until we get tired. We are only anxious with the present time. In this stage, philosophers are rampant. I have to admit it, but I do belong in this club. With our little minds containing limited information, a question to our teacher will be answered by n impertinent and out of this world things. We’re very conscious to our surrounding and ask our parents about our queries. Sometimes, they come up with wrong answers just to stop us on asking them. Reminiscing our hobby before was a total package of laughter; Remembering wiping our nose by our bare hands to intently remove mucus “sipon” but had an adverse effect where this mucus only scatter to our face. We also make balloons through the use of mucus and our nose itself. It is really a funny...
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