My Plan to Fix the Economy

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  • Published : February 23, 2011
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If I were the President of the United States, the first major challenge I would address is the state of our economy. I think it is important because most of the issues our country faces stem from unemployment, bankruptcy, credit crisis and outsourcing of businesses. Our economy also affects global economy, so by fixing our economy we will not only be fixing our own but also the global economy, benefitting billions.

In my opinion, the United States could best get out of a recession through a collaboration of effort in every level of the economy; it is the responsibility of everyone in America to do their part. The federal government should verbally encourage its citizens to use their money, get it out in the economy to flow through hands and to make goods and provide services. I would promote start up businesses, especially ones that will be exporting goods, thus bringing more wealth to the states. Lastly, people should seek a higher education; statistics show that people with college degrees earn higher incomes directly proportional to their level of education. It is by these actions that America would most easily come out of recession.

Tax cuts on enterprises and firms make goods and provide services would be very effective method of increasing output and expanding capital gain. I would also institute government actions to encourage growth. People would start businesses and must in start up businesses. The key idea to economic growth is production. If people start, a business make goods, provide services the GDP will raise. Making a greater quantity of products will raise the GDP and lift America out of recession, especially if small businesses with growth potential make products needed in global market. this will bring in foreign money and trade, increasing the amount of wealth held in the country.

The next key to improving America’s economy is to promote education. Statistically, income rises with years of education, but what also rises is...
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