My Place of Comfort

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  • Published : November 21, 2010
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Peyton Valls(600)
ENC 1101
Mr. Temple
29 September 2010
My Place of Comfort
There is nothing that is more comforting to me than a cozy bed with crisp, clean sheets. My bed has always been my place for rest and relaxation. The only thing that could come close to comparison would be a shower. Both my bed and a shower seem to help me wash my problems away. On my days off, I love to stay in bed as late as I possibly can; I can also, sit in the shower until my fingers and toes are pruned, leaving me without any hot water. The shower is there to help me start a refreshing day, and my bed is my haven at the end of the day. Lying in bed I feel the same as being in the shower; while in both I feel peace and serenity.

The aroma from the fruity body wash and shampoos, fill the steamy shower which reminds me of the fragrant fabric softener that overwhelms my nose, when I lie my head down into the pillows of my bed. The light soapy suds that slowly run down my skin from my soft loofah scrub can easily send my mind back to bed; where the pillow top mattress allows me to feel like I am floating on a cloud or adrift on a bubble taken by the breeze.

My bed, for me is a place where I can vent my worries and troubles away. No one is there to hear my whining or spread my deepest secret thoughts. The same as in the shower; I can sing and dance my emotions out, without anyone to judge me. Being in my bed gives me a relaxing feeling, my bed allows me to settle down after a long, chaotic day. I can also experience that same feeling of relaxation, when in the shower. To relieve stress I stand under the water from the shower head, which pulsates on my tense shoulders, neck and back.

While in my bed, I am tucked tightly underneath the layers of covers that keep me snuggled in; where in the shower I am not covered by anything, but I can feel the warmth surrounding my body. In my bed my head wonders and dreams freely, about anything and everything. My mind is no...
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