My Philosophy on Marriage

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  • Published : December 1, 2012
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My philosophy of marriage yours and your significant others philosophy of marriage. This is my Philosophy on marriage. When I think of marriage I think of a special bond between two people. I believe marriage is a choice among the ones that have a mutual relationship and they want to show other people how much they care about each other. The two make a mutual decision to have a ceremony of some sort and have a government recognize there union and that they share almost every facet of their lives together. Marriage to me means that they will endure good times and bad times together while showing mutual respect towards each other. My wife’s Philosophy on marriage. “Marriage, to me, is kind of lake taking a leap of faith. When you vow to love and be with the same person for the rest of your life, you’re putting the hopes and dreams and thoughts and feelings of two completely different lives and people into one. Finding a way to make it work isn’t always the easiest thing, but that’s where the teamwork rally starts. It about believing and knowing the other person will always be there for you; to hear you for, support you when you need it, and to pick you up when you think you’ve fallen for good. Marriage is a partnership, a friendship, and a bond that takes a lot of work; but always reaps the best benefits and can reward you for the rest of your life if you care for it properly.” My philosophy of love and my significant others philosophy of love. This is my Philosophy on love. Love is not just one dimensional. I think of love as being like a seven layer of chocolate cake. The top layer represents the most extreme case of love because it has the most chocolate of all the layers. In this case that would mean love set aside for my wife. Love to me is a feeling that is strong that it can supersede anything. Love changes your feelings toward a person; whether it is for the right reasons or not. I have found someone so special to me that has made my feelings and emotions...
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