My Philosophy of Leadership

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  • Published : March 20, 2013
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Christine Harris Byrd

In my own definition, leadership is an attitude, not a position or routine, and not based on one certain formula or method. It is based on one’s experiences and personal values, and therefore no two leaders will never be the same. There are only a few characteristics that categorize them together. Leaders are those whose actions reflect their heart. They inspire themselves and others in a way that creates a chain reaction of positive events, thoughts, changes, and of course, attitudes. Whether their attitude affects a whole society or one single person, they are a leader because they genuinely care for the well-being of others and live according to their own principles. Most importantly, a leader is one who does not settle. They are always striving to grow as an individual, learn more, accomplish more, and challenge the norm.

Based on my personal experiences it is prevalent that I will become more of a transformational leader versus being a transactional leader. So much of my growth has been based on inner-challenges and the influence of other leaders. I agree with the concept that stresses the importance of “powerful personal characteristics” and using your talents and skills to help and influence others. I have a fiery personality, which means I become very passionate for what is important to me and let my emotions dictate how I think, feel, and act. Most distinctively I believe that the main purpose of our actions is to aspire for happiness. One cannot truthfully portray leadership if his actions do not make him happy. To put it simply, I believe that being a transformational leader is a lifestyle. Never does one reach an end point or master the skill. As they strive to transform others, they too continue to grow.

There are five main components of my personal leadership philosophy. The first and foundational component on which it is built on is “hard work.” An important part of having a leadership...
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