My Philopsophy of Social Work

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  • Published: September 25, 2014
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My Philosophy of Social Work
Metropolitan State University

While thinking about this paper and determining what values, beliefs, and concepts influence me as a social worker, I found myself having difficulty in determining what those influences have been. I am thankful for this paper, as it has allowed me to step back and examine all of the things that have influenced me along this journey. The unfortunate part is that I more gaps than anything else, although that really excites me as I know there are many areas I can learn about and subsequently grow in. Throughout the writing of my philosophy, I was able to look back and see where many of my experiences propelled me forward in the hopes of becoming a social worker. I do want to note that while the most important factors that influences me is the Bible and Jesus, I will not be elaborating on this much but it will be noted throughout this paper. I have a decent amount of trauma in my life due to the family atmosphere I grew up in and I’m proud to say that while that affects me as a person, it hasn’t ever diminished me. Instead, I find that because of those experiences I have grown to be a woman who is secure in who I am, I can readily empathize with those around me, I see the need for people to be in life-giving relationships, and I believe that everyone has a story that is worth telling and most especially that people need someone in their life to listen to them. I have determined three things that I have incorporated in my belief system that impact me, not only as a social worker, but also as a friend. I believe in the dignity and worth of a person, I believe in the importance of human relationships and my general tendency as a social worker is to operate out of the psychodynamic theory.

My Philosophy of Social Work
Dignity and worth of a person
Growing up in a house where my parents fought a lot, I learned at an early age how...
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