My Perspectives on Human Sexuality

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  • Published : February 9, 2011
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My Perspectives on Human Sexuality

Reba McBride

Oct. 3, 2010

PSY 265

Kaiewa Masuda


This is a comprehensive look at the results of the life experiences that have molded and shaped my sexual perspectives. I have had several different things that have happened to shape my thoughts and actions inn my sexual life. Yet now that I have taken this course I have gained a new found understanding for the reactions that were part of my life.

The value system that I was raised under was very strict. I was brought up in a Holiness religion, where we were not allowed to do several of the things that others were doing. We were not allowed to be alone in the room with the opposite sex after we reached an age of understanding, 5-6 years old. This was to make sure that there was no exploration of the other sex and that purity was maintained. The value system I believe is dependant upon the religious up bringing and the cultural beliefs of the community in which one lives. Some examples of these are that Christians do not belief in sexual contact until after a couple has been married and this expectation is for only male to female marriages. Where the Neo-Pagan religion is more of an open and accepting religion, where different sex relationships are acceptable. Intercourse is exchanged without the bonds of marriage. Sexual acts are freely given if all parties are willing to accept the sexual contact and they are consenting adults. Even in this community there are actions taken if one attempts to sexually attack a person of underage, unwillingness and acceptance of the sexual intent.

In some cultures there are rituals performed that offer experience to the young adults that the elders of the same sex perform. These are looked as rites of passage for the child to come of age and become an acting member of the tribe. These children may be as young as 13 years old and when they reach a more knowledgeable age they will be presented to their selected mate form a close village. These tribes often times express the points of self satisfaction which are to help provide a footing for martial bliss. Although here in the United States, it is looked upon as a disgrace if a child is taught or has learned to provide their self with self satisfaction. It is looked at as the parents not protecting their offspring from the offensive actions of the sexual world.

In the earlier years of our existence, we were able to see that sexual actions provide the continuation of our human race. The acts of sex were preformed when and where ever the urge would take place, no matter the audience that may be at hand. Then as we became more knowledgeable we started to accept the fact that by choosing a mate we could experience the close contact of another and often have sexual satisfaction with them in a more private setting. Then religions began to place thoughts that what we were doing was an abomination to God, of certain religions. Yet many of our ways did not erase their selves from our minds. The more primitive mind stayed with us and this sexual gratification was a need. In the more recent years early 50-60’s we were thought to only have sexual relations within the confines of marriage. If a young lady were to have sexual relations outside of a marriage then she was looked down upon by society. Then the change began in the late 60’s and 70’s, with the drugs that were being used and free Sexuality

love was the saying. Yet we found out in the next decade that having free love could cost a life, that life being yours. Several sexual related illness and diseases were found in this decade and many were told to start using protection. Even with these diseases becoming more prevalent, the sexual revolution was no laying still. We had a flood of same sex relationships that were becoming made more public and that this had been a situation that was just starting to be known. By the next decade we were starting to...
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