My Personnel Narrative

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Personal Narrative
Marathon- Unforgettable Moment

On my right my mom was holding my hand tightly and giving me an advice to stay with my elder brother and his friend, Rushi, she was saying “Don’t let him go anywhere without you” to both of them as she was supposed to run separately from ladies section. They paid no attention to her because she said that just a few minutes ago. We were in one of the most important and famous marathons in Vadodara, India (first ever event held in the city)!! It became so popular as the fund raised from the event was supposed to be donated to cancer curing organizations and organizers made lots of publicity of the event. It was half past six and thousands of people gathered on an area land of thirty square miles. Hundreds of runners around the country and world participated in the marathon. The Marathon was divided into 5 miles, 10 miles and 21 miles. I was one of them participating in 5 miles running!! I was proud, showing off to my brother that I went to a marathon at the age of 10 and he didn’t. In just 15 minutes the runners were going to start the greatest marathon in history (at least for me). The moment was coming closer and closer. My heart was beating very hard.

It was a chilly, windy and most brisky day in the month November. It was November 22, 2010. I will always remember that date. Children shouting like birds, men talking about cricket and girls’ giggling made me think about one thing- Do people usually wake up at six in the morning to chat like a debate? The smell of the washed shirts as well as the sweat of the people was sharply irritating. I was amazed that people sweating on such a chilly day and before even starting the marathon. The morning was freezing cold-I was sneezing with a running nose. “Achoo!!” came one from me “We should have brought Razornax or something. It’s so cold.” Despite my irritation and cold I was excited. In the excitement, we didn’t realize that...
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