My Personality according to Keirsey Temperament Sorter

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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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Running Head: PERSONALITY – WHO AM I? 1

Personality – Who Am I?
Brittany C. Burch
Central Arizona College

Personality – Who Am I?
Using the Keirsey Temperament Sorter I discovered that my personality type is INFX (Keirsey & Bates, 1984). This letter combination represents the combination of introversion, intuition, feeling, and an equal mix of judging and perceiving qualities. This classifies me in the rarest of the four temperament types including approximately 12% of the general population. The Apollonian temperament is characterized by the intuitive-feeling (NF) combination. I find the descriptions that David Keirsey and Marilyn Bates provide as uncannily accurate.

Academically, the written and spoken language appeals to me. In the fall I will be enrolled in my third year of Spanish. The arts are also very appealing, especially the figurative branches such as poetry. Sorting out the deeper meaning intended by the author and/or illustrator is an intriguing puzzle. Psychology is another field which is recommended. I had never considered pursuing an occupation in this field in the past, however, took the course because I was curious as to the content.

Due to the tie of judging-perceiving shown in my personality, I can either be the Questor or the Author. From these descriptions, I believe the Author is more correct in my case. According to this I would be most compatible with the Inventor (ENTP) or the Promoter (ESTP) (Keirsey & Bates, 1984, pp.74). This is possible, seeing as I am closer to those who are confident and easy to talk to. These are common traits for extroverts. “People who have known an INFJ for years may find sides emerging which come as a surprise.” (Keirsey & Bates, 1984, pp.170) True to this, I am a completely different person to those who I am closest to rather than to other acquaintances. I have a few close friends whom I feel I can really be myself around, when in a crowd, however, I am usually quiet and tend to keep to myself. So who am I? In answer, I am a culmination of my personality traits, my inherited temperament, and the experiences that I have lived through so far.

Parental Influences
Upon asking my parents to answer the seventy questions that the Keirsey Temperament Sorter is composed of, I was not prepared for the results that I collected. My parents have always seemed to have completely opposing temperaments and ideals. My mother’s scores concluded that she had an ISFJ personality type. This classifies her as a Conservator. The ISFJ has a strong sense of family values and feels the responsibility to ensure that specific regulations and rules are continuously met. They carry with them a powerful history that has made them the person they are today. To be satisfied they must have a sense of usefulness to those around them.

Jennifer (my mother), is a housewife raising myself, and my two younger sisters. She enjoys decorating both the interior and exterior of the home. “As a parent, the ISFJ expects the children to conform to the rules of society and has a feeling of personal responsibility to see to it that these rules are honored” (Keirsey & Bates, 1984, pp.1995). When in the company of an NF, conflict...
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