My Personality

could start out by telling you about when I was placed upon this earth. But I can’t really remember being born! I do remember being a crazy child, and I am one now. But some of my favorite memories take place near the water. Just last year we bought an ocean boat, and have been out on it A LOT. Well, anyhow, I’ll tell the story before I trail off onto something completely different. My Dad and I had started our journey approximately 90 minutes ago, and are now reaching our destination. The bubbles rose inside of me,(not from breakfast), but from excitement. After the long bouncing stretch of exposure to the wind, we embarked on an attempt to weave through the maze of islands. But, with me at the helm, we were sure to end up…….somewhere.

“Go between those two markers,” my Dad commands.

“Aye, aye cap’in,” I reply. “I see the mouth of the bay.”

In my mind I started picturing two crayola markers bobbing in the water, and told Dad of my idea. We laughed, exchanged jokes and thoughts and soon were at the mouth. My heart started to pound harder, like a drummer speeding up the tempo. I always get nervous when I see rocks marked on the chard. Even though I’ve done

“Wee,” I scream. Slap, slap, slap….that was me jumping into the dinghy.

After we had finished our dinner and checked our anchor line, we cast out some fishing line and waited for the warriors of the deep to bring battle against the captain hook. The time roused on and the stars ended their hide and seek game. Dad and I got engrossed in the stars and cookies and didn’t notice the monster approaching our boat.

“I know it’s so cool!” Dad says in a loud whisper. We sat there and watched the luminescence, but whoever is reading this is probably wondering what it is. But I won’t tell you…just kidding! What it is are these microscopic “lightning bugs’ I like to call them. They live in the water of Maine in the summer, and when something moves in the water, they are attracted to it and they glow...
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