My Personal View on Love

Topics: Love, Interpersonal relationship, Triangular theory of love Pages: 2 (622 words) Published: October 24, 2011
At the beginning, I think love is simple. But after attending the lessons, love, sex and relationships is expressed by many theories, and I have a deeper understanding of it.

According to Triangular Theory of Love, love is formed by intimacy, passion and commitment, and it also has seven styles of love. A relationship is more enduring with at least two components. We should disclose and share all positive and negative things to our partners. With all the three components, consummate love can be formed. But how many of us can have this kind of love? With a high divorce rate in Hong Kong, it reveals that they cannot ensure to make a forever commitment to their partners, and it is hard for them to keep a passion between their partners.

In evolutionary perspectives, mating behaviors are evolved solutions to reproductive problems that humans faced in ancestral times. In traditional, having babies can form a joyful and successful family. Nowadays, however, many couples do not give birth to children as they enjoy DINK family.

Many couples like to compare their benefits and costs according to Social Exchange Theory, and always blame on their partners that should maximize their costs. Not all people are selfish that seek to maximize benefits and minimize costs in a relationship, some may not expect a large outcome; they can sacrifice as much as they think.

Physical appearance, familiarity, similarity and reciprocity are the factors of attraction. Normally, we are attracted by beautiful and elegant women or gentleman and handsome men. Attractiveness can be enhanced by positive expressions and behaviors. The more attractiveness a person has, the more opportunity he/she will be loved. Attractiveness mainly depends on physical appearance is undeniable; however, personality should be the most important factor to determine how much they can be loved by others as appearance is impermanent.

Attachment theory emphasizes the continuity of relationships across...
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