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  • Published : October 28, 2010
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Dennis Vargas
Dear mr. survich (ASST principal),
I just want to say that i am truly sorry for assaulting you, dis-respecting you and also posessing drugs in your school.And i really do wish i could take that and everything else that happened back.

I am sorry for assaulting you because i now know it was’nt fair to you at all as well as i know u were only doing your job as a school principal.I am sorry because i really dont want to be in the situation i am in now.The reason i did what i did is beacause i have a short temper and i also know that having a short temper is no excuse for what i did.I dont at all ask for you to forgive me, i just ask for you to understand.

I am sorry for dis-respecting you because i also know that it was wrong on my behalf and also not fair to you at all because you were just trying to help me.You really didnt deserve to be treated that way and for that i am truly and sincerely sorry.

I am sorry for possesing drugs in a school enviornment and really wish i could take that back too.I want you to understand that the drugs wernt in any way,shape or form mine.I happened to be holding them for a friend who had told me they were allergy pills.I did’nt know what the pills were and i trusted my friend to tell me the truth,but he did’nt.Again,I do’nt ask you to forgive me,i just want you to understand and want you to know that i am truly sorry.

I also want to apologize to Riverview learning center.I want to apologize for my disruptive behavior and for inerupting the students lunch period.I am sorry for everything that happened that day MR. survich, and i mainly apologize to you

Dennis Vargas
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