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  • Published : February 12, 2011
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How I Relate My Three Strengths to My Role as Practical Nursing Student
As a Practical Nursing student, I possess three personal strengths: 1) I like to learn, 2) I treat others fairly, and 3) I like to guide others. The purpose of this paper is to be able to relate the above personal strengths to one indicator within the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) Professional Standards.

I like to learn correlates with one of CNO’s Professional Standard indicators “assuming responsibility for his/her own professional development and for sharing knowledge with others”. At first, I hesitated to attend the Peer Assisted Learning Lab last January because I had piles of materials to read, but by the end of the practice session, I learned that this Peer Assisted Learning Lab plays an essential role as Practical Nursing student and to become successful in the program. During the Learning Lab, I realized that I was not yet familiar with all the body mechanics and techniques in moving a patient from bed to chair. Knowing the right mechanics would help me to comfortably move the patient from one place to another, but to also avoid myself from injury. I think this lab plays an important role in my success as a Practical Nursing student because it has given me additional time to correct my errors and to enhance my knowledge by mentoring fellow students.

I treat others fairly as I want others to treat me correlates with “identifying personal values and ensuring they do not conflict with professional practice” of the CNO’s Professional Standards. Despite the fact that I developed a stereotypical behaviour due to an abusive experience with other nationality I had in the past, I treat others fairly. Last summer, Ana (not her real name) asked me to teach her about a certain topic in our Chemistry course. Just by looking at her and based on her accent, I could tell that she is from group who I experienced abuse. I could have said ‘no’ if I brought my ‘stereotypical’ behaviour...
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