My Personal Responsibility

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  • Published : August 3, 2012
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Friday, August 03, 2012
Glenn K. Fluehr
Thesis Statement

The way I see it, personal responsibility is taking full responsibility for your all your actions and the way you handle yourself in the everyday life.


1. relationship between personal responsibility and college success

a. add an extra responsibility to my daily chores
b. not done any schooling for over 30 plus years
c. must learn to work well with this new education
d. A.S. degree in Florida Tech College
e. need to be somewhere for an appointment
a. arrive much earlier
b. don't like to be late for anything

2. the right approach to swing your family and education

a. family is a great source of learned techniques
b. your education you take away from your family
c. must keep a close attention
d. start a new time management schedule
e. writing down all requirements
f. make myself happy and all involved

3. plan to practice a relationship in my education

a. future in society and family
b. 1980’s things have changed
c. tackle a new online form of school
d. a personal organizer
e. procrastination is a bad evil
f. good plan and make it work for you

4. planning to practice my personal responsibility

a. must approach my experience with the online classes
b. read everything before moving
c. best way to do school work
d. finished properly early
e. people involved in my personal life knows what to expect from me f. responsibility is the key

5. continue to plan and setup responsible and reasonable goals

a. have only good coming
b. prosper and improve
c. keeping a straight mind
d. weigh out the pros and cons
e. look toward medium to long term goals

What personal responsibility means to you:

The relationship between personal responsibility and college success is a very fine line to walk. One has to approach school as an added duty in one’s...
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