My Personal Leadership Development Plan

Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: May 19, 2013
My personal leadership development plan: In order to develop my personal leadership, I think what I should do is finding my weakness and then suiting the remedy to the case. Weakness 1: I always have a dilatory style of work. (belong to private victory and problems involving my own behavior) Analyze: First, I think this is because I am always in pursuit of perfection. This idea gives me a lot of pressure when I begin to work and I am always afraid of failure. What’s more, I cannot control myself to resist the temptation. For example: When I read or find some information on the Internet, I always stop reading the information and go into other websites or games which interest me. Solution: (1) I should notice that if I want to change the status quo, I must first change myself. In order to change myself, I should change my view of the problem first. Because “Your attitude determines your altitude.” ,I should have a positive mental attitude and be proactive towards my work. I should focus my mind on the circle of influence rather than the circle of concern. So in the future, just do every work without any worried and constant improve in the process of working. (2) I should learn to plan myself. In order to make a good plan, I should begin with the end in mind. All things are created twice, so I learn to image of the end of my day as the frame of reference by which everything else is measured. (3) I should develop the power of independent will. Effective management is putting first things first. Practice myself to become a Quadrant II Manager. Manage myself rather than time. Not to prioritize what’s on my schedule, but to schedule my priorities. Preparation of the plan should be flexible and consistent with the individual's ability. Weakness 2: I am very susceptible to the influence of others and too easy to compromise to others. Analyze: First, I think I am a lose/win person. I always feel hard to refuse others because I am afraid of others’ bad comments. So,...
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