My Personal Analysis on a Movie, "A Moment to Remember"

Topics: English-language films, Truth, Family Pages: 1 (273 words) Published: April 7, 2013
At the first scene, Kim Su Jin already manifested one of the symptoms of Alzheimer. She forgot to get her wallet and the soda she bought at the convenience store where he met Chul Soo. Another scene where she manifested also symptoms of Alzheimer is when she forgot to close the stove and also she told to her friends that she’s having a hard time finding the street of their house. The doctor asked Su Jin about the date and also he asked her about her siblings and the age of her sister but Su Jin can’t recall the age of her sister. As time goes by, her condition became more severe. She went to the refrigerator and think on what she’ll gonna do there while in fact she’s making an scrap book and she asked her husband, “did you glue the pictures?” while the truth is, she was the one who put glue to the pictures. It came up in a situation where Su Jin does not remember where she lives when the guard asked her. The only thing she remembered was her ex boyfriend when they’re having a good time together. She was having a hard time understanding very simple thing. And the saddest part of this movie is when she calls her husband the name of her ex boyfriend and the worst scene is when she does not remember anyone, even her husband and her family members.

After seeing this movie, it made feel sad knowing that there’s no cure in Alzheimer Disease. This movie also made me cry and touches my heart. It was really a good one.
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