My Perfect Day

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My perfect day

My Perfect day would consist of things I like and not much that I don’t like in my perfect day.
My perfect day would obviously be on a Saturday whith no school. After I wake up I would get dressed and go upstairs and eat cereal for breakfast with plenty of raisin-bran crunch. After breakfast I would go relax on the sofa with my laptop and catch up on football and basketball news. After that I would contact some friends and make plans for later and then have Lunch.

I would have a Large Bacon Pizza all to myself, with Mountain-Dew and Milk to drink. After lunch I would get a call saying that I won the Lottery and I would have them wire it to my bank account for later use when I go to Portland. With the money I would get a new Mercedes-Benz Black Series car that would be all paid for in cash. I would then go pickup my friends to hangout. We would go to the State Mall in Portland and go shopping without worrying too much about my budget. After going to many stores we would find a movie theater and watch the new iron man 3 movie then catch the midnight release of the Fast 6 movie, both in 3D and I-Max. We would try not to die in the car on the ride home then get some sleep before church in the morning. That would be one unforgettable day.
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