My Pc Assembly Experience

Topics: Hard disk drive, Serial ATA, Personal computer Pages: 3 (587 words) Published: July 24, 2012
My experience in PC Assembly/Disassembly dates back since 2000 when I first studied Information Technology. From that time till now I have built many computers from scratch and disassembled many as well for hardware upgrading purposes.

The hardware needed in order to make up a PC are and not limited to: -Computer case and components
-Power supply
-Hard Disk Drive
-Optical Drive
-Floppy Drive
-Adapter Cards

Most importantly when beginning the assembly is to make sure you wear anti-static wrist straps to avoid ESD damage to the equipment. Also use a table or workbench to work with the area being clutter free.

Steps 1 - Open the case by removing the top and side panels.

Step 2 - Install the power supply by aligning the power supply hole in the case and secure tightly with proper screws.

Step 3 - Install the CPU with thermal compound onto the motherboard and the place the heat sink/fan on top then plug in the 3-pin power connector onto the motherboard.

Step 4 - Install the RAM correctly onto the motherboard using the RAM slots and press down until the side tabs click into place.

Step 5 - Install the motherboard into the case using standoffs to prevent it from touching the metal portions of the case. Align the screw holes correctly and tighten all of the motherboard screws.

Step 6 – Install the HDD and Floppy Disk Drive into the internal bays of the case and secure with proper screws.

Step 7 – Install optical and floppy drive into the external bays of the case and secure with proper screws.

Step 8 – Install adapter cards into the expansion slots of the motherboard. These cards include, video adapter card and network cards. Make sure it is either PCIe x1, PCI x16 or a PCI slot card and install as required.

Step 9 – Connect the LED, power button, front audio, front USB and restart button, power cables to the motherboard using guide from motherboard booklet.

Step 10 – Install internal cables...
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