My Past Experience

Topics: Anxiety, Fear, Social anxiety Pages: 3 (1146 words) Published: March 11, 2013
_Unforgettable experience_
September 1, 2011 I was still lying on my bed contemplating on how I can conquer my greatest challenge - my stage fright - when my mother called me for breakfast one Sunday morning .I barely noticed her call because I was so anxious as I have only three more days to practice my lines for our stage play presentation in school . I was trying to think of a way that I can do my role and deliver my lines with ease and confidence. Fear and anxiety still engulfed my person. My friends and classmates have already commented and given me advices on how to overcome this challenge, yet, I still find talking in front of people a nerve-wracking situation. I still have no confidence to do our stage play. When I heard my mother called me again for the meal time, I decided to go out from my bedroom. While we were having our breakfast, my mother noticed that something was bothering me. When she asked me about it, at first I was ashamed to tell my family the truth but my fear and anxiety of the fourth coming event in our school deceived me. I found myself relating to my family my agony every time I talked in front of people. I knew they were surprise but their love, concern, and desire to help me in my dilemma mirrored in their eyes. I cannot bring myself to look at them because I felt terrible that at my stage I still have the said challenge. However, when my father started to share his experience of the same struggle I momentarily forgot my dilemma. My attention was glued to the person where fear and anxiety I cannot connect to his person. We knew him as a strong person, a man of so much confidence. We viewed him as a person who is always sure of the things that he says and does. He can really make things work according to how he planned it. He has an aura devoid of any fear, worry or anxiety. Thus, when he started to give me insights on how he dealt with his fear and anxiety, I really listened intensely. Among the many things that he shared...
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