My Passionate Ward Mate

Topics: Talk radio, Life, The Passage Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: December 23, 2012
My Passionate Ward Mate
I have never seen a middle-aged woman with such great passion like Aunt Chen. Several days before the National Day, I was admitted to hospital for a long tiresome time. Fortunately, three days later Aunt Chen moved in and made my boring life full of joy again. She always brims with passion as a shiny bulb which infects people around as well. With wave-like golden hair and fashionable clothes, Aunt Chen boldly shows her passion in appearance. Her long hair softly falls over her shoulders with loud color, under which is her brilliant red mouth and catlike sharp eyes. Dressed in multicolored clothes, Aunt Chen has a pretty height and is plump without being fat. Every day, you can clearly hear the unique sound of her high-heel shoes with chic pace far from the ward. Having a crush on eye-catching jewellery and clothes, she looks fairly rich and generous just like a regal lady. During hospitalization, she never stops talking except when she is sleeping. She loves to talk so much that she can have a nice chat with any person. While talking, she always easily brings up a topic and makes the atmosphere relaxing. I was surprised that she knows so much about nowadays entertainment when she excitedly talked about the pop stars with me. She also talks a lot about other things like politics, education and even estate. One day, I was honored to watch a masterly speech that she and my father enthusiastically chattered about the Diaoyu Island with rich facial expression and gesture. Her words frequently struck sparks with witty remarks in the conversation which often make us burst our sides with laughter. The doctors and nurses are all her friends. Who doesn’t admire a person passionate like her? What is Aunt Chen’s philosophy of life? It is to enjoy the world to the full. She has strong passion for singing and shopping. Every night, the ward changes into a KTV room that Aunt Chen loudly sings with deep emotion without a break. Sometimes she...
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