My Passion to Be a Doctor

Topics: English-language films, Physician, Doctor Pages: 1 (330 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Today science has opened hundreds of ways for the humans.But due to the greedy deportment of the people they forget there own goal. If you make a particular thing your goal , then being prosperous in life is very easy.People who are painstaking in life can achieve goal very easily . Somebody has said right, "where there is will , there is a way" I have seen many downtrodden people suffering from many diseases which could be fatal. So , to make this earth a better place to live in , I have ambitious target for being a doctor. I know that being a doctor is a very difficult thing, but I would concentrate on my studies more , and achieve success , according to my belief . God will certainly give me a hand for achieving success . Today in the modern days , there is no dearth of doctors in the whole country, but hardly some doctors are found at the country sides . Now -a -days also , there is a lack of clinics in deprived areas.The people living at distant places have to rush the patients to the nearby town's hospital,but during this period while bringing the patients ,sometimes they perish forever and their efforts go in vain.So, to overcome these precarious problems of the villagers , I have decided to be a doctor . I am not becoming a doctor for money but for people, who would be dependent on me. I will open a clinical centre that would be inside the countryside and the treatments would be of nominal costs (until there is a price rise in the country). People will come over to me for all there treatments and I will give them good medical advices on such issues .

I have made this achievement of goal , very strong inside my heart. I would have swagger in my steps when people would shout , "This is Anurag , who has treated the people of this village and made our village a dynamic living entity !"
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