My Passion for Reading

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Apart from ones daily routines where one is so busy in their fast lives that they don t have time for anything. Adults are busy in their offices working hard to earn money to support their families & needs. Students are busy studying for their exams for passing out with flying colors. Being so busy in their lives thee is something for which people usually manage to take out times is that their passion.

Passion or love for some activity is such that no matter how busy & stressful your life is you will definitely remove time for it. It is that one thing that acts as an anti stress & a stress reliever. Passion can genuinely do wonder like cheering up ones mood when they are upset, distressed, depressed with the failures, miseries, worries in their lives.

I strongly believe that by fulfilling your passion definitely cheers you up, encourages you to try & work harder, relieves your stress & in fact just takes you to another virtual world away from your stressful lives. I really feel this way as I have experienced it.

My passion is for books. I just in fact love the company of books & novels. It just takes me to another world of the story & makes me a part of it leaving all other things at a stand still. Everything just stops for me as I’m so engrossed & lost in the book world

I usually prefer suspense, murder mystery, and fiction. Murder mysteries are just so interesting & literally get you mad if you don’t really find out who was the murderer. The climax is just breath taking. I can actually realize & imagine the scene playing my brain. My passion & love for books is so strong that once if I start a novel I can t keep it down until I finished it. At the time knowing the culprit or suspense is the most important thing in the world. I know it sounds exaggerated but its true.

A few of my favorite authors are Sidney Sheldon & Mary Higgins Clark. They are one of the best suspense & mystery writing writer. They write just...
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