My Parents Were Right

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  • Published : January 9, 2012
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Narrative Writing : My Parents were right
“Honey ,don’t do this ! Honey , don’t do that !” Everyday,In my life I have to suffered with all that word . Its so annoying .I am a naughty son . I love hang out with my friends than spending time at home .Sometimes my parents not allowed me just because I must study and score a great result.But, I never listen of what they said .I do feel like they are disturbing my life .Everything I do was wrong from their eyes .Nothing is good .When they scold me ,they say that they are advicing me .However, I can’t accept their ways although they say the rights . “Mom, next week is my birthday . Can you make some delicious cake for me with a grand birthday party for me? “, ask me .She just nodded and smile . “But dear, you must promise me to get a great result in your study ,okay ?” She asked me back with a simple question but hard for me to answer .I just nodd half-heartedness . Then, I got my father at the living room .He was relaxing while read a few of newspapers . “Dad , can I borrow your motorcycle? I want to go to my friend’s house for invinting them to my party .” “ It’s alright but remember don’t be so late .Your final exam is around the corner .” “Alright,Dad .Don’t worry “,said me while rushing to get the key .My mind is only thinking about the enjoyness of the party will be.. On my birthday party ,I was so enjoyed with my friends .I have got many presents and birthday wishes from them .I think I am the happiest person at that time. I can see everyone are enjoying themselves so as my parents . My mouth incessantly say ‘thank you’.Well it is a blessing nurture from my parents, I admit it . “Andy , look at this .This is present from us ..,”said Dad . A huge box of present ,I really don’t know what is inside . I look at my mom and dad ,smiling . “Thank you, Mom. Thank you, Dad .” After we gathering prayer Maghrib, Dad starting the conversation . I have smell something fishy . “Andy, If you are thinking...
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