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Topics: Oxide, Chemistry, Nitrogen Pages: 2 (399 words) Published: January 8, 2013
Olivia DiPietrantonio
Notre Dame Academy
Honors Chemistry
Chapter 9 Assessment
44. a. Barium cation
b. Iodine anion
c. Silver cation
d. Mercury (II) ion
45. CN- cyanide, and OH- hydroxide
46. a. Hydroxide
b. Lead (IV) ion
c. Sulfate ion
d. Oxygen anion
48. The formulas for these are given their names by placing the cation name first, followed by the anion name. Write the formula by writing the symbol of the cation and then the anion. Add whatever subscripts are needed to balance the charges. 49. Determine the charge of the anion, then work backwards to find the charge of the transition metal cation needed to give a net charge of zero for the formula unit. 50. Write the symbol for the cation followed by the formula for the polyatomic ion and balance the charges. To name a compound containing a polyatomic ion, state the cation first and then the anion just as you did in naming binary ionic compound. 51. a and b.

54. Two different elements.
56. Use the prefixes in the name to tell you the subscripts of each element in the formula, then write the correct symbols for the two elements witht the appropritate subscripts. 57. a. Bcl3
b. dinitrogen pentoxide
c. N2H4
d. carbon tetrachloride
58. a. hydrochloric acid
b. H2SO4
c. nitric acid
60. a. HNO2
b. Al(OH)3
c. H2Se
d. Sr(OH)2
e. H3PO4
61. a. Fe(OH)2
b. lead (II) hydroxide
c. Cu(OH)2
d. cobalt (II) hydroxide
62. States that in samples of any chemical compound, the masses of the elements are always in the same proportions. 63. Whenever 2 elements form more than 1 compound, the different masses of one element that combine with the same mass of the other element are in the ratio of small whole numbers. 64.

71. binary molecular compound
72. Lithium carbonate, Li2CO3 
73. SnCl4

81. a. N2O, dinitrogen monoxide
b. NO2, nitrogen dioxide
c. NO, nitrogen monoxide
d. N2O4, dinitrogen tetroxide
82. a. Cu2S - Copper (I) sulfide
CuS - Copper (II) sulfide...
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