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Topics: Social influence, Change, Leadership Pages: 3 (1229 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Change can be good and change can be bad. Change is something that cannot be avoided. One can bathe in the warmth of the summer sun and hope that it will never set. However, the reality of it is that in a few hours, it will set, leaving behind a dark sky and goose bumps on skin that the sun once kissed. And in a few months, the warmth of the sun will be only a memory as summer turns into autumn. Leaves that once were green will now boast a bold red or orange color—a symbol of the change of seasons. Like the seasons, everything eventually changes, despite the efforts of some to keep things constant. A tree that was planted in one’s youth will one day tower over his head, and a house that one has lived in for ten years will belong to someone else. With change, whether good or bad, comes the need for adjustment.

My beliefs on change are simple. To change your ways, you have to look in the past and see the mistakes you made, for example if you cheated on a test and the teacher caught you doing the bad thing, just tell yourself “Don’t do that again or I’ll get in trouble again”. I remember this one time in the 10th grade, I was in Ms. Vega’s 4th period, Accounting Applications Class, and it was a minute before the bell to ring to lunch, so I was checking my phone for any text messages then all of a sudden Ms. Vega told me to give her my phone and I was upset, she just took my child away from me. I asked Ms. Vega, “Can I get it back after lunch?” She replied, “Yes”. I was happy. After lunch, I’m supposed to go to 6th period, Information Technology, but I wanted my phone back. I walked into Ms. Vega class ask her if I can get my phone back and she replies, “I gave the phone to Mr. Papp.” That just hurt me badly. I got my phone back from Mr. Papp two days later. After that experience I told myself I will never do that again. My expectation is to pass the FCAT reading. When I find out my FCAT scores in the summer of 2011, I was devastated. I already knew I had to...
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