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Topics: White American, African American, Black people Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Radej Asante
Unit 6 Discussion Questions
1. Melton discusses society’s patriarchal tendencies in sport media; women are objectified, whites are upstanding members of society while blacks are troublesome, and heterosexuality is over‐emphasized. With the continual growth of technology and media’s role in sports, do you think this gives the non‐patriarch members of society (women,minorities, homosexuals, transgendered, bisexuals, low‐income) a chance to stake a bigger claim in sport media content? Please use references from the text. Answer:

(150 word minimum)
2. Walton contends that the extensive media coverage given to the Sprewell/Carlesimo episode “clearly sendsthe message that an attack on Carlesimo, a white male in a position of power, is more consequential than anattack of a female domestic partner.” (p. 351). A. Using evidence from the article, outline a rationale in support of this position. Be sure to discuss the “main guiding principles of reporters and editors” that Walton refers to in the article as part of your rationale.

(125 word minimum)
B. What is your opinion of Walton’s contention quoted above? Is she correct? Why or why not?
(25 word minimum)
3. According the Dufur in the article, “Race Logic and ‘Being like Mike’ Representation of Athletes in Advertising”over a third of the ads that he study showed African Americans as overly aggressive or violent. Furthermore,more than 50% of the ads portrayed African American athletes as being successful due to athletic ability, such as size, speed, and strength, whereas less than 5% of their white counterparts were represented this way.Conversely, almost 50% of white athletes were portrayed as being successful due to character traits, such as intelligence, work ethic, and leadership; only 20% of African Americans enjoyed similar representation. a. Give at least two more recent examples of this pattern of media representation by race. You can look for these...
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