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Ancient Egypt, Hatshepsut

The jobs of a pharaoh are to rule his/her kingdom. How he/she does it they oversee everyone. Also he /she make laws and collects taxes. He/she also owns all the land and is responsible for people well-being and he/she is the ruler for the upper and lower class. I’m not done he/she also built monuments and created temples for the gods. Also the pharaohs aught in war and if they won the losers had to be ruled by them. And pharaohs also get finest goods. And those were the jobs in ancient Egypt by a pharaoh.

There was a lot of pharaoh in ancient Egypt but there are some bad ones and there were a lot of goods. One great one was Ramesses II he ruled from 1290-1224b.c.e. he also sign the first peace treaty and was known for his military leadership and building monuments. Also a pharaoh was Hatshepsut she was the first female pharaoh, she encaged trade, and demand respect. Also she dressed like a man and had loyal advisers. These are the two greatest pharaohs that have ever ruled in ancient Egypt in my book.

Now in ancient Egypt not everyone could be a pharaoh. You had to be related to the former pharaoh or you were a government official, priests, scribes, artisans, and, or peasants and you advised the pharaoh well. Those were the way to become a pharaoh in ancient Egypt.

In ancient Egypt how the pharaoh became a pharaoh was maybe family or maybe there family had good royalty or they were related pharaoh, and maybe they were just really great to the pharaoh. Also how you could become a pharaoh is government officials. Maybe you fought great or you protected him good. And that’s how you could’ve been a pharaoh in ancient Egypt.

Where the pharaohs would live is in their houses that are attached to the important temple. Also they would live lechery with expensive cloths and they had lots of banquets and they had chariots. That’s how a pharaoh lived.

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