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Verbal Communication Paper
University of Phoenix 

Verbal Communication Paper
Axia College of University of Phoenix
CJA / 304

Option 2: Power Point Presentation

Select one of the following criminal justice roles:

Corrections officer

Create a 10-12 slide Power Point Presentation describing how verbal and nonverbal communication can affect communication in the following areas:

Public announcement to the press
Testifying in court
Communicating with peers and inmates in a correctional facility

Verbal Communication Paper

Everyone communicates daily, as this is a method of interaction humans need for survival. Verbal communication is one approach for individuals to communicate head-on. Several of the basic components of verbal communication are audio, words, dialog, and language. Whichever technique of interaction is used, whether through written, body language, or verbal communication process, each is deliberated as forms of communication and is needed for us to inter-connect. Today, to begin a journey for success, possessing clear communication skills are necessary for an individual to have strong comprehension and aptitude for communicating along with the ability to be able to gather and convey information back and forth effectively. Lacking these, abilities can be a great setback and may create concerns contingent given the situation.

In the criminal justice, system this ability is an enforced obligation; and one being deficient this skill may be regarded as inefficient at their job can generate potential setbacks for any individual in this field. The aim of this paper is to concentrate on the footprints of communication and how individuals utilize its foundations and techniques advantageously or lacking thereof.

When communicating verbally, one of the most essential things not to forget it that our voice itself can communicate more about us than our actual message. Some superlative mechanisms exist while engaged in verbal communication, which are sound, language, and vocalizations. Throughout dialogues we often attempt to exclude any likely chance of misunderstanding and instead be specific and to the point. However, many times that is quite arduous to those who are not as skilled in communication as others are. Mostly, we hope and presume that the message we conveyed has been fully accepted by our speaking audience, since to us the information being transmitted may be important and so we assume that this information is be seen as important to those who receives it. However, this is just an assumption and should be addressed repeatedly through practice and to question the receiver to confirm points made and that the message is properly delivered.

Verbal and Nonverbal Communication

Speaking can be viewed at in two major areas: interpersonal and public speaking (, n.d.) For many people, speaking is a personal progression for them to communicate efficiently and requires some degree of progression, which involves learning to interact with people and being able to speak rationally. In interpersonally dialogues, etiquette is very important and it “nourishes” the conversation With being effective through communication, the speaker ought to possess the capacity to verbally express in a such manner as not to be offensive to his or her listening audience, is an asset for the speaker.

There also nonverbal languages that are also effective tools in communicating and can be prominent amidst assorted behaviors, such can include body movements, facial expressions, music, theatrical performances, and status symbols (Wallace & Roberson, 2009). From one culture to another, these comportments and symbols are used and will frequently vary between the cultures. Such gesticulations or bodily movements are globally put into action and includes kissing, smiling, embracing and other body movements, which signify some...
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