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Topics: Standardized test, Rhetoric, No Child Left Behind Act Pages: 3 (1097 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Matthew Boyles
Dr. Jean Goodine
English 112
February 3, 2012
An Argument of Reason and Passion: Jacqueline Howard’s
“More than a Number”
Standardized testing, every student should be familiar with it, but is it nonsense? Does it actually help schools and their students advance in academic competence, or does it hinder their ability by adding more anxiety and stress to students? Jacequeline Howard, a twenty year old student helps us disclose on these examinations by giving us a student’s perspective on how standardized testing is not only changing the way government looks at funding, but also discouraging students and changing the way people look at students. Through Howards ethos, pathos, logos, and style in her essay, we can really see her passion for other students and her reason to promote a change.

Howard begins her essay by giving us an overview of herself and how, even though she was a home schooled student, she was still drastically affected by standardized testing. In her adolescence she witnessed many of her friends as they underwent different standardized tests in public school and saw the affect that these tests had on them. She tells us about how they were greatly discouraged because of tests, and how these tests just increase anxiety. She also enlightens us on the subject of schools funding, and the direct correlation to how well its students do on the tests. This leads to schools treating students as just numbers on a form. Finally she gives us some insight on how a more creative approach has helped in students’ scores. Ultimately, she’s writing the essay as tool for future students to maybe get people thinking about the effects of standardized tests. This is a message to all parents, administrators and politicians; this might be something that is very worthwhile for you to read.

In Howard ethos we can see that she has a distinctive view of her topic. For most of her speech Howard is definitely stern on her view of standardize testing...
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