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Topics: Archetype, Jungian archetypes, Star-crossed Pages: 4 (1544 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Danielle Hamilton
Mr. Lawson
World Literature
8 February 2011
Tangled around Archetypes
Has one ever realized how many different archetypes are found in movies? An Archetype is “a pattern from which copies can be made, also called the perfect example of something. They can either be characters or situations and symbols” (Lawson). The movie Tangled is about a lost princess named Rapunzel who was kidnapped by Mother Gothel. Rapunzel had a special gift, she had the power of magical hair. Mother Gothel raised Rapunzel as her own, so she could stay young by the power of Rapunzel’s hair. Mother Gothel made Rapunzel stay in the tower, but Once Rapunzel turned eighteen, she wanted to go outside the walls of the for the first time. Rapunzel meets a boy named Flynn Rider. He helps her to achieve her dream of watching the floating lights that always appear on her birthday. Along the journey, Mother Gothel secretly follows her so she does not lose her. Finally’ Rapunzel realizes that she is the lost princess and is reunited with her real parents. For Flynn Rider and Rapunzel they eventually get married (Greno, Howard). The movie Tangled, directed by Nathan Greno and Bryon Howard, demonstrates three archetypes: the hero figure, star- crossed lovers, and the shape shifter.

The hero in Tangled is Rapunzel because she is “separated from the ordinary world and goes on a great quest” (“Unit 4: Traditional Archetypes”). There are many archetypes in history found in literature, take King Arthur as an example. He grew up as an orphan and was treated as a servant most of his childhood. He then pulled the sword from the stone and his life took a complete turnaround. He was crowned king and ruled Camelot as a great ruler. He was then eventually killed by Mordred. To be a hero archetype, one needs to be able to demonstrate the qualities of a hero. In the movie Tangled, Rapunzel goes on a life changing quest and meets new people along the way. For example, before Rapunzel was sure...
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