My Own Urban Legend

Topics: Talk radio, Portmanteau, Mother Pages: 1 (347 words) Published: December 17, 2012
There once was a young girl named Kyle. She was an only child and was extremely quiet. Kyle never talked. Ever. She had been through a series of a tests, to see if she was physically or mentally incapable of talking, but she wasn't... Kyle just didn't want to talk. She understood people and knew what they were saying, she just felt as if talking was a waste of words. Now everyone in her small town knew this, and they didn't y to force her to talk, they just knew Kyle didn't talk, and accepted it. This had been happening for 10 years now...

Until one day, Kyle spoke...
It happened in the woods behind Kyle's house...
Her parents didn't know what to expect, they had given up on this day many years ago. They used to wonder if Kyle's first word be cat, dog, or Mom, or Dad. Or if it would be more complex. Her parents both heard Kyle's first word, but they never had time to fully grasp the fact of what Kyle had said. "Duck!" Kyle had yelled. Her parents had both turned their heads to look at at their daughters face... "Duck! Down!" Kyle screamed louder, but her parents were still in shock that Kyle had spoken, and it was too late. Kyle's parents' heads were swept off their necks with a quick blow from a nearby axe. Those first two words were also Kyle's last words, because after that incident, who could talk again? It's not like her parents had listened... So why should anyone else? Kyle didn't have a reason to. After she ran away from those terrifying woods, she ran straight into her house. Kyle never went to the police, and no one ever found out Kyle's parents had been killed, or how. Sadly, her feelings were still intact, and she mourned over her parents' tragic death for a good 10 years- then she committed suicide. Supposedly, Kyle's ghost still haunts those very woods behind that house, searching for anyone nearby.... So that she can get her revenge...
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