My Opinion on Polygamy

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  • Published : October 14, 2010
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Polygamy is the practice of having more then one spouse at a time. Supposedly, living a gratifying life all in the name of religion. These people are often called Mormons. However, I have found that polygamy in the modern day Mormon faith is rarely practiced anymore, and hasn’t been in over one hundred years. Now days, it is recognized as more of a Muslim tradition and practiced in African countries. So where did we get this preconceived notion that Mormons are polygamist? A man named Joseph Smith introduced it to his Mormon Church congregation in 1831. He preached that he received a revelation from God. In this revelation he stated the Lord told him to take virgins unto himself for the purpose of multiplying and replenishing the earth so they may bear souls of men. He testified that an angel came to him with a sword many times and said he must practice polygamy or he would die. I don’t know who his God was or why he thought he was so special and holy that an angel of the lord would ask his to commit adultery. But the fact is a few church officials liked the idea of having more then one spouse. In 1852 Joseph Smith and the church congregation publically announced at the Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah that plural marriages were a godly practice to be considered. So they took for themselves multiple wives. A lot of them being 14 to 17 year old girls and had numerous children with them. A few short years later, because we live America where majority rules the decision was made, July 1864 to prohibit the practice of polygamy. Making it a misdemeanor charge in 9 states under the morril anti-bigamy act. Latter in March 1882 came the Edmund act, reinforcing the morrill act making it a felony on all us territory where the government has exclusive jurisdiction. Most of the marriages that had taken place ended in divorce or were annulled. However some families stayed together and continued to live in secrecy. Today there are said to be as many as 50,000 polygamist...
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