My Opinion on Fdr's Upbringing

Topics: President of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Groton School Pages: 2 (742 words) Published: January 13, 2010
I think that Roosevelt’s upbringing, background and character did not make it easy for him to understand the concerns and fears of ordinary Americans. Franklin Roosevelt was the president of America from 1933 to 1945. His family was wealthy and he was educated in schools of top quality, before that his mother taught him until 14. There are many things that made it uneasy for Roosevelt to understand the concerns and fears of ordinary Americans. His mother, Sara Roosevelt is one of the reasons. Since Roosevelt’s father was elderly and remote, Sara was the dominant influence in Franklin’s early life, she was extremely possessive of him, when FDR was young he was taught by his mother, and during this time she made sure that Roosevelt stayed around the area of rich people, and so he did not have the chance to get in touch to the minor class to really understand how they lived. This links to the second reason, that Franklin grew up in an atmosphere of privilege. Franklin when he was young had the chance to learn many different hobbies, such as riding, shooting, polo and lawn tennis, and he also frequently traveled around Europe. This is certainly not the majority of the ordinary Americans could experience. Also, Franklin went to Groton school, a very privileged school, where he met a lot of rich friends, this again limited the chances for him to understand the concerns of ordinary Americans. Also, Roosevelt’s character when he was young also didn’t help him understand the Americans. As he was spoilt and had a privileged life, he was arrogant, smug and superficial. This made it uneasy for him to know what the ordinary Americans’ concerns and their fears. Roosevelt was also an idealist and dreamer, and his ideas were often unrealistic. His thoughts lacked real direction yet he moved from one idea to another very quickly and tended to compromise. He found it difficult to follow things through, and what ordinary people wanted and related to be day-to-day ideas. This...
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