My Ojt Experience

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II. Brief History / Background of the Company / Company Profile

The history of this Computer Shop is so inspiring for me because they start in a small business and for being industrious they build a lot of business that make them higher than a eagle.

Before we start planning build a computer shop we decided to start selling Shirts, Footwear and some accessories we keep all the money we collect from our small business until we get a place where we can rent for our Computer Shop. We start making computer stands after hat we bought only three (3) Computers and we build our computer shop in the month of June year 2006.

One day we start opening our small Computer Shop. Even though I have only here (3) Computers were not expecting that we can have our customers early in the morning even though our price per hour is Twenty Five Pesos (25). In one day we collect only three hundred fifty Pesos (350) but even though that money is too small for us, it is okay because it can help for our business to make It Big.

We continue opening our Computer Shop until we buy another Four (4) Computers so we have Seven (7) Computers and because of that we collect a lot of moneys that help us to buy a Printer Machine and a Scanning Machine because of that we are so stressed because there`s a lot of task we do.

So we start finding our helper and we find Jiegs Silang he is a High school graduate but he is so intelligent he is a fast learner about computers. He live in Nasugbu Batangas he is our helper until our Computer Shop becomes one year.

We decided to name our Computer Shop and the name of it is Awoor Open Kalate Compuer Repair Shop, we decide to that name because we also repairs computer like Formatting and PC Assembling.

This business is so amazing because it helps to give education to my children we continue managing our Computer Shop until we collect moneys o buy six (6) Computers so that we have a total of 13 Computers. We complete our computers in he year of 2011. We are so happy and thankful because we’re not expecting that our business will become long and then we add some small business like Master Shomai, Coco Prince add some, Fish Ball, Kikiam and Kwek Kwek Stall.

In the year 2012 were not expecting that the small business we add will become large until we fund a lot helpers, like Michael Silang, Accelle Joy, Darwin Silang and John Paul Montales. They are he one who helps us to build and to manage our business which is seven years from 2006 until 2013 even though we reach seven years we did not decide to stop our business because it help me to have a Good Life.

III. Summary of the OJT Experience

The Trainee is Mr. John Paul Noveno Montales, On-the-job training is one of the requirements of any students taking up the Diploma in Computer Electronics and Technology. I started in my OJT on month of July 07, 2012 and in this month of July I'm pretty well trained to work here because I worked here before and today I start to OJT I achieved like Hard disk drive of the computer is broken and for this work I replaced another Hard disk drive.

I also have other achievement such as typing a very long story, laminate of ten pieces of ID pictures, Xerox of one piece of English book and of course all of this were done and completed.

And month of August I also have other achievement like if the power supply of the computer is loss and for this work again I replaced another power supply and finally the power supply of the computer is working again.

Throughout the month of august I also have other achievement like the ram or memory of the computer is not working for short it was loss and I did this it should be to clean up the memory using a pencil eraser to work it again.

Month of August I am still typing a very long story of a parable, Xerox of ten pieces Diploma, ten pieces of Birth Certificate, ten pieces of Bio – Data and laminate five pieces of ID pictures and of course...
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