My Ojt Experience

Topics: Customer service, Passenger, Training Pages: 6 (2038 words) Published: March 17, 2013
My on-the-job training experienced is very happy. I’m very happy because that is myfirst time to travel on board by the different part of the Philippines, also my first time to rode on the big ship like 2Go Travel. At first, I felt so nervous because I don’t know what is the feeling when you are in the ship, but when the day passing by I’ve never felt that the ship is passing by the ocean. Our first day in the ship is just an orientation and familiarization about the ship. Our Shipboard Training Officer (STO) are Ma’am Michelle Onanad and Ma’am MJ. They taught us the different part of the ship and their functions. They taught us about the history, mission and vision of the company, corporate values, vessels, facilities and services of our prescribed logistic company. They also told us about the training rules and regulations, basic house rules and standards like the standards of courtesy and decorum on board, uniform requirements and grooming standards. We’ve also have a vessel tour, we visit and identify the main sections of the vessel, muster stations and emergency escape routes. Also familiarize with the safety alarm, signs and symbols. The use of portable firefighting and life saving equipment, the actions to be taken during emergencies. Familiarize by the SEPP (Safety and Environmental Protection Policy). They also demonstrate the proper donning of lifejacket, proper jumping procedure and safety working. Second day of us and our first duty. All of us will have to wake up early in the morning because our duty will start at 6’clock. I don’t know what we are going to do in our first job but I felt so excited because that is my first time to go on job. Our first duty is on Quikmart, we need to sell the food and rouve it to sell in the guest. We have to gain 300Php per tray because there’s a contest that who can get the biggest amount in selling that would be the winner. In this duty need to apply the customer service skills, sell merchandise and clean ship shop. Second duty of us. The duty that assigned to us is Housekeeping in Cabin. We are all in charged in ensuring a clean, safe and comfortable environment which given a feeling of security and assurance to the passenger. We are the one who is responsible in cleaning the accommodations of the passengers, the officers and the crew. We have to apply the customer service skills. We also have to provide clean and fresh linens to the guestrooms at all times, conducts regulate inspection of the linens based on the housekeeping attendants report. We also have to maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of the assigned area at all times. We are also responsible to the responds to the direct request of the guest. If there have lost things by the guest, we are the one who’s responsible to surrender it in the Front Office Lost and Found Items. We also have to apply the maintained received by the F.O. also applying the customer service skills, perform housekeeping inspections, clean guest’s accommodations, clean cabins and restrooms and make-up bed.

Third duty, we are assigned in Housekeeping Mega Value. In housekeeping mega value we have to apply the customer service skills, perform housekeeping inspections, clean guest’s accommodations but here we need to clean the public comfort rooms and the hallways areas. We need to clean specific areas of the housekeeping supervisor. Determines needed supplies of the housekeeping department on board. Performs other functions as may be given by the housekeeping supervisor by time to time. Maintain cleanliness and orderliness of the assigned area at all times, and also surrenders the lost and found items in the Front Office. Second day of us and also our 4th duty in Housekeeping Super Value. We have to do the specific duties like cleaning of the hallway areas, clean lobbies and viewing decks. Apply customer service skills, perform housekeeping inspection, clean guest...
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