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As a trainee of The Chef in Palmas Del Mar Bacolod, I recommend that the establishment should have more equipments and materials to be used in more functions. I also recommend that the establishment should have more dishwashers so that there is no delay in serving of guest in every bigger function. I also suggest that there kitchen staff should wear a complete uniform to look more presentable and also for them to be comfortable.

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V. Documentation

Duty Time

Last Day of Duty

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Table of contents

I. Introduction

* Name of Establishment
* Experience encountered
* Learning in every area

II. Observation

* Actual vs. Theory

III. SWOT Analysis

IV. Recommendation

V. Documentation

VI. Appendices

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The practicum program is designed to train the HRM student and develop their skills in the real scenario of hospitality industry. This program is also designed to give students to supervised in practical application of a previously or currently studied theory.

As a practicumer, a fresh 2nd year student, having a knowledge and skills in food operation inside or outside of the establishment has been given an opportunity to witness the actual operation and real scenario in an establishment.

The practicum program enables the students to apply and appreciate the relevance of classroom learning to the actual work setting. It provides the students with more than practical work experience in the industry.

This program also encourages student to assume base-level and middle-level leadership position in the hospitality industries, and to meet hospitality industry requirements by emphasizing theories and practicum, professional knowledge and skills and cultural accomplishment. It also increases students’ competitiveness in the hospitality industry.

Through this program, students will be able differentiate, familiarize, experience, identify and comprehend standard procedures and to appreciate the important of management in a certain establishment. Page 3

Name of establishment
I chose and was trained at The Chef in Palmas Del mar Bacolod located at J.R Torres Ave., Tangub, Bacolod City. The establishment offers a place conducive for leisure and relaxation. It is a good place to witness the beautiful sunset by the sea. They really had a friendly, kind and responsible employee where we work with.

Experience encountered
“Experience is the best teacher”
I learn a lot from my experiences as an On-The-Job Trainee at The Chef in Palmas Del Mar. First of all, I’m very much gratified for the support and understanding of my superiors especially on times when I committed mistakes. More than any learning in school, I learned to be with others, to work with people.

I was assigned in Food and Beverage Department. In my first day of work, I don’t know what I’m going to do because I don’t have been experiencing working in a restaurant. I’m just only waiting for the tasks that our superior gives. There was a time that I also encountered guest complaining about their foods. Through this establishment I also experienced being a guy because what can a guy do, girls can also do it.

I actually experience doing table set-up for the guest. They also taught me in different kinds of menu. I also experienced washing creeks of dishes, even though its more painful in my back but yet it still enjoying. They also gave me an opportunity to enhance my skills in table skirting which I used to do in school. The best experienced is witnessing the couple who are solemnly married.

Furthermore, I’m very grateful that they expose me so much on what I must know regarding the work which suits to my course. I’m very thankful that they treat me like them and they trust me with my work. I appreciate so much the working environment I had within the establishment because it helps me absorbed what I need to know.

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