My Oedipus Complex

Topics: Parent, Mother, Family Pages: 3 (894 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Cuong Vo
Esl 34x
Professor Dowling
14 April 2013
An unhappy father.
In the story My Oedipus Complex by Frank O’Connor, it relates a small’s boy world turned differently when his father returns home from the war. The story is written from a child’s point of view; therefore, it appeals enigmatic aspects of the characters to the audience. In my opinion, the father is a real victim of the main conflict between his son, Larry, who usually annoys him most of the time instead of respecting him, and him. By once again Larry’s attitudes such as jealousy, stubbornness and disrespect expose that his father is the real victim of the story. First of all, by the fact that Larry is just a five year old kid but his thoughts and actions of jealousy towards his father are unacceptable. It is true that a kid gets jealous when somebody has taken their beloved one’s attention away from them, but this is Larry’s father who just barely returned home from war. Larry clearly doesn’t understand much about his parents’ relationship after years being separated; so, they really miss each other and have a lot of stories they want to share. However, Larry just selfishly cares for himself by the thoughts “talking to Daddy” , “at teatime, “talking to Daddy” began again.” and “It was clear that she either genuinely liked talking to Father better than talking to me” and these details show that Larry compares the appearance of his father towards his mother is more important than him (160). Additionally, Larry asked his mother “Do you think if I prayed hard God would send Daddy back to the war?” indicates the lack of love to his own father and by the jealousy of his father taking his mother, Larry wants his father to be out of his sight (160). Second of all, the stubbornness of Larry really irritates his father. As a matter of fact, Larry always wants to find a way to annoy his father as the thought “Man for man, I was prepared to compete with him any time for Mother’s attention.” is glued in...
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