My Oedipus Complex

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My Oedipus Complex

In the story “My Oedipus Complex”, Frank O’ Connor writes about a little boy Larry and his relationship with his parents. Everything was fine when his father was away for war because Larry got all the attention and love from the mother. When the father returned from the war, Larry felt that he had to share his mother with his father and disliked that. Then, Larry tried to do everything he could to get his mother’s attention and started seeing his father as his rival. Later when Sonny, his little brother was born, the mother was totally busy and had even lesser time to spend with Larry. Larry is the real victim because his daily routine was changed suddenly, he had poor parenting, and he was ignored.

Every one in the story has been a victim at some point but the main victim is Larry. Sonny was a victim. For example, Larry pinched little Sonny just to keep him awake so that he didn’t have to tiptoe in the house, “ sometimes to keep him awake i pinched him as well” (166). Father was a victim. Larry tries to disturb his father every morning climbing in the bed and making noise, “ He was taking more than a fair share of the bed, and I couldn’t get comfortable so I gave him several kicks that made him grunt and stretch”(160). Mother was a victim when the father yelled at Larry for talking back. Mother cries, ‘“Mick, Mick!”’(164). However, Larry has been victimized in many ways and more than the father, the mother and Sonny have been victimized.

The first reason that Larry is victim is because his daily routine was changed suddenly. When his father was away, Larry spent a lot of time with his mother, “After breakfast we went into town; heard Mass at St. Augustine’s and said a prayer for a father, and did shopping” (159). He talked to her about his idea; she took him for a walk and prayed together. When Larry says, “After that I went into mother’s room and climbed into the big bed” indicates that every morning he quietly squeezed in his...
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