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My Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan
Michelle Calhoun

My current health problem that I am experiencing is my weight problem. I weigh one hundred and ninety pounds. I am unhappy about it and I also cannot afford to buy new pants due to my big size. A lot of the women and a few of the men in my family do suffer from being overweight or obese. Currently I am not obese but I am overweight for my age and height. I am five foot four and my healthy weight is between one hundred thirty pounds and one hundred forty pounds. Being overweight has affected me by lowering my self esteem and has pushed me into a weird sort of depression. Being down and depressed in not who I am and not someone I want to be. Making healthy choices now and changing my situation will help me greatly with not only my physical health but also my mental. Today’s insurance companies are not realizing that mental health is just as important as physical health. My realistic nutrition plan for me is very simple. Stop eating junk foods and stop drinking soda. Discontinuing the consuming of soda is not a hard thing for me to do as long as I get some caffeine throughout the day. In the morning I leave earlier for work so I can pick up a coffee and a blue berry muffin from a coffee house. Then for lunch at work I eat fruit and drinking juice or water. I work in a grocery store, so it is easy for me to find and obtain healthy foods and drinks, but it is also very tempting to grab that candy bar at the check-out. For dinner it varies since then I am at home, but I watch that I only eat once and I do not for back for seconds. The motivation for me not to grab that candy bar or any other truly unhealthy food, is that I am simply tired of being overweight. Motivation was a hard thing for me to do since I do not have a problem with what individuals think of me. I have already started this diet and I have already lost some weight, since it is simple it works for me and I do not have the feeling that I am getting stressed out by what I cannot have. My recommended amount of calories for me to consume a day going by my age and sex, is between 1,600 and 2,200 calories a day depending on my level of activity.

My realistic exercise plan includes doing two sets of ten crunches and running on my elliptical for ten minutes. At work I break down our deliveries which can be a hard task depending on how heavy the boxes are. When we get a typically truck there are usually about one hundred fifty pieces on it. Half that is lunch meat, a quarter of it is meat that comes in already packaged and the other quarter is the meat that the butchers cut up for steaks and roasts. I cannot lift the boxes that come for the butchers but I do lift all the other stuff. Lunch meat consists of taking a box off the pallet and putting it on a cart. Do that about fifty times and that feels just like a workout, so I do feel like I do get exercise at work as well as at home. That may seem small and not a lot of exercise, but I am out of shape and I lose interest very quickly with working out. So this is a way where I am baby stepping my way into it and it does not take a lot out of me. When I do not feel strain from doing those exercises then I will increase my number of sets and I will run five minutes more. According to the mypyramid plan, I am in good standing with my work out plan. It is not an aggressive one but it works for and I am seeing results. When I feel like I can push myself I do try to do more.

My goals for achieving my weight loss and a more healthy lifestyle is by eliminating foods that are basically junk, like chips, candy, greasy fast food, and soda. That alone is not enough because I also have to begin consuming foods that are healthy. I already love fruits and some vegetables, so switching to those foods will be easy. Instead of snacking on some chips I can get some baby carrots and snack on those. Another healthy switch that I make is instead of going to the deli at my...
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