My Nursing Goals for the Next Three Years

Topics: Nursing, Team player, Learning Pages: 10 (3609 words) Published: August 18, 2012
My nursing goals for the next three years.
Nursing is a career which I believe that needs to come from the heart and I have at all times appreciated with respect. My aim in doing my education in nursing was because I always wanted to achieve an extended and successful profession in the health and medical field. I suppose the responsibilities of a nurse can be very demanding and frantic in certain instances but nothing can be equal to the joy and satisfaction it brings. There are many specialized areas in the field of nursing but I was particular interested in the mental health field. I have had a chance to experience mental healths nursing during one of my placements .There are a few goals which I would like to achieve within the next couple of years. After graduating and achieving my registration my plan is to do a graduate year in mental health. My aim is to start on a postgraduate program to master in mental health and also to start working part time as a mental health nurse. I’m also looking forward to improving my skills in mental health field doing endorsement and incentive programs which are approved by the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses (ACMHN), which are available online (ACMHN 2009). My ultimate goal is to become a mental health nurse practitioner. The main goal of working part time while doing my postgraduate studies is to improve my communication skills, medication knowledge, gain team work experience and to develop my confidence. My over all intension is to expand an array of abilities which will help me to follow career which I love to do in my life. Enablers and barriers to the transition from have been a student to a registered nurse. During the transition process, NG undergo the shock of reality of realizing that school-bred standards conflicts with ethics of the work world. Provoking graduates about the differences of the definition of nursing from their learning environment compared with the experiences in the real world in the acute setting may leave NG with a feeling of been lost and confused. There are a number of barriers to the transition process of NG during their initial stages of the process and can be classified into four basic factors including emotional, physical, intellectual and socio-developmental. When considering the barriers, NG have to undergo shocking alterations associated with inadequacy of practical experience, organization skills and confidence, they are faced with stresses about medication administration, handling a large number of patients and may have doubts and fears about been clinically incompetent, not been able to offer safe care to the patients and not been able to handle their tasks and elected roles. Poor connections with physicians, uncertainty in communicating and relating with their work members and the fear of asking questions can also be barriers to them. Having to depend on others and having lack of support from registered nurses (RN) makes them undergo an emotional roller coaster leaving them secluded and having self doubts (Duchscher 2009, Etheridge 2007).

The physical reaction of the graduates to this changeover shock can make them to devote all their power trying to accomplish their new nursing responsibilities without revealing the hardships they have to undergo and also by trying to achieve unlikely performance prospects of their institution, their colleagues and the graduates’ themselves. Alterations to having reputable living measures, ending and begging intimate relationships, and the attainment of debt through the expenditure on vehicles and properties can bring distractions and unanticipated anxiety to these NG who are already unsettled. On top of all theses personal and constructive changes these graduates are suppose to formulate clinical judgments and practice decisions for which they are felt that they are minimally qualified but completely accountable. Constant thinking and worrying on how to meet the physical demands and practice...
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