My Nursing Ethics

Topics: Ethics, Nursing, Morality Pages: 4 (1405 words) Published: January 20, 2013
My Professional Moral Compass

Marie Panao

NRS 437V-0103

December 1, 2012

My Professional Moral Compass
The code of ethics is an important part of the nursing foundation where nurses are directed to practice with compassion and respect for human dignity, responsibility, accountability, confidentiality and patient safety (ANA, 2012). Nurses are expected to follow this professional morals and values but also to practice their own personal standards as well. Values are one’s fundamental beliefs acquired from childhood through family and society. Morals are values that attribute to a system of beliefs. Ethics is the ability to make right and wrong decision based on adopted morals (Navran F. J., 2010). Every human is shaped according to their culture, spiritual and individual values that were instilled upon them by their family and community and in the nursing world, one nurses’ beliefs may differ from how others may practice nursing and handle ethical dilemmas. The culture this author grew up on expects the younger generation to be respectful, compassionate, responsible and be accountable for own mistakes. This author believes that every human is entitled to have the same equal treatment without prejudice. These characteristics shaped this author’s personal beliefs that as a nurse, this author has an obligation to the patients to provide them with such regard. Nurses are always impelled to give the best quality care to their patients and address all their concerns. This author feels responsible to keep patient safe, secured and comfortable at all times and keeping them informed regarding their treatments and condition along the way. Spiritual value has always been a challenging topic outside healthcare but this author learned that when a patient is in a difficult situation, beliefs could be...
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