My Not So Perfect Date

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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My Not So Perfect Date
I am blindfolded headed on a special date in my boyfriend’s truck. As I sit there impatiently awaiting the arrival of our destination, the radio turns on with a soft and slow country song. Twenty minutes passes and we are still not there and I am wondering if we will ever get there. He has been planning this date for a while, so no telling where we are going or what we will be doing.

I feel the truck slowly come to a stop and the loud diesel truck turns off. I hear his door open and close, when seconds later, mine opens. I got out of the truck slowly, scared that I might fall and when I do, the smell of freshly cut grass lingers in the air. Still blindfolded, I start walking, with the help of my boyfriend, of course. I guess he really was not paying attention either when all of a sudden I feel him let go of my hand and scream, “stupid tree trunk.” I was confused, so I kept walking when I tripped and fell, landing right on top of him. I get up slowly to make sure I do not trip again, since I cannot see anything. He gets up behind me and grabs my hand again. This time I warned him to pay attention to where he was going and not to trip. As we start walking again, I hear bees buzzing and the fresh breeze blowing. We finally came to a stop and in my head I thought, “Finally.” He took the blindfold off of my face and all I saw was a small blanket lying on the ground. As I check my surroundings with the flashlight that he handed me, I noticed that we were at Prien Lake Park. I grabbed him and hugged him tight, because the park is my favorite place to go, especially at night. I slowly lay down on the blanket and just looked up at the stars just like I had no care in the world. I just sat there for a good while listening to slow country music and just staring at the stars like I had never seen them before, when I hear a huge smashing sound that scared me. My boyfriend packed a picnic basket full of my favorite candy and slammed it on the blanket...
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