My Nephew Was Born

Topics: Family, English-language films, Sleep Pages: 2 (597 words) Published: June 28, 2011
Nghiep Truong
Prof. John Fiske

My nephew was born.
The last time I went to Vietnam, which was my sister-in law gave birth. It was about fifteen months ago. I still remember the feeling in the first time I saw my little nephew. My family went to visit my grandmother’s house except my brother and his wife stayed home. It was about four hours driving from my town. After the dinner meal; suddenly, my brother called me and said his wife went to hospital because she travailed. His voice showed extremely worried because this is the first time he was a father. I ran right away to my mom from the back yard, and I fell down because of mud on the ground. Unfortunately, we couldn’t leave because my dad was drinking with other uncles and some neighbors. My brother said he could handle this situation. We had to wait until tomorrow to see my nephew. My mom was extremely strain, restlessness, and she kept walking around in front of me and my sister. She constantly prayed for my sister-in law and her nephew. My brother called us like every single time. We couldn’t sleep until the last call he told us his wife and son was born safely and completely healthy. We felt like we were dropping off a thousand pound dump-bell, and we had climbed to the mountain. We left my grandmother’s house at five in the morning and we arrived at the hospital at ten because of the traffic. My whole family was so exciting to see my nephew because he’s our first nephew ever. We got into my sister-in law’s room. It was nice room with two beds, a salon, and absolutely a baby’s bed. My sister-in law’s slept on the bed with a pink hospital’s dress. My brother was sleeping on another bed. I saw he smiled while he slept. I told my mom and us all laughed. He woke up, and his smile still on his face. He told us he wouldn’t forget when the first he saw his little angel, and the feeling quietly as he was walking on the clouds. I could see his happy face. We asked where he is. He told the nurse...
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