My Nephew Graduation

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In this assignment, I will be discussing my nephew, Vekarious Barnes, graduation from Florida State University (FSU).

My nephew is a very intelligent young man, that has overcome obstacles of health, and stability. As a child he has always had a passion to help others, although he himself was suffering some unforeseen health issues, he had such a stamina and perseverance that we had never seen nor witnessed he is truly deserving of this degree due to his endurance.

He has always had a liking to science. When he was in the middle school he did numerous science projects and he would win first place as he progressed to high school he was in a program offered at Lincoln High called the CARE program this is where he developed a strong like for chemistry.

Although, when he first went to FSU he wasn't sure of what he wanted to do. He knew that he wanted to be in the science field, but he didn't know what branch of science, whether it was chemistry, biology, anatomy, etc. Finally in his junior year his mind was made up and he pursued his degree in Chemistry.

On April 29, 2011, my nephew who's name is Vekarious Barnes, graduated from FSU, with a BS in Chemistry and a minor is Physics and Mathematics. This was a highly anticipated event that the whole family was looking forward to. He had been a student there for four years and had changed his major many times. He finally made up his mind and now he has completed this part of his life.

The graduation itself was a total of three hours. It included some very special comments, and musical selections. This was a very memorable occasion because he is the first person in our second generation of family history to graduate. He now have hopes of continuing his education by attending grad school at FSU.

We celebrated his graduation with a party at TGI Fridays in Tallahassee, Florida. We had a certain part of the restaurant blocked off and we decorated it so festively with balloons,...
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