My Narrative Essay

Topics: Feeling, Newspaper, Plane Pages: 2 (559 words) Published: December 2, 2012
It was a sunny day, and everyone was getting ready to go to work. It was one of those days when everybody felt like going home already and being with their families; however, they didn’t know that what would happen a few hours later would change their lives completely, particularly Mark’s life. Helping other people in difficult situation would be a task that he had to accomplish.

The alarm on Mark’s clock rang, and immediately he woke up. Putting his clothes on, he was ready to eat the usual breakfast his wife cooked daily. Driving up to work, he had a gut feeling that something irregular would happen. On his way, he saw several advertisements about the end of the world, so he thought, “Those people are crazy”. He finally arrived to the building, took the elevator and got to his office, which was located on 60th floor, but suddenly he realized that the gut feeling he had before, was going to happen. Moreover, there was one thing he couldn’t stop thinking about, and it was the advertisement he saw on the streets. So, he said to him, “Only God knows when the end of the world would be”. While he was drinking coffee and reading the newspaper, time passed by and it was already midday when unexpected issue happened. A hijacked plane crashed into the building Mark worked, causing a chaos. Immediately, Mark realized that his gut feeling was surprisingly true.

When the plane crashed into the building, it plunged right away. The employees were trying to save their lives; however, the fire and the smug decreased visibility. Mark took out fifteen parachutes he had saved in his office in case of emergency, and he gave them to his nearest coworkers. Since he had run out of parachutes, he broke the windows, and jumped out to the grass. Motionless, he was helped by the other survivors because he had a broken rib and couldn’t get up. The ambulance arrived immediately and took him to the hospital where he was perfectly attended. When he woke up, he was surrounded by reporters...
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