My Name Is Asher Lev

Topics: Mother, Father, Parent Pages: 2 (688 words) Published: October 5, 2011
Despite his father's disapproval and mothers health condition , Asher learns to pursue his talent and dreams. Asher is effected as an artist and individual as his mother traveled literally and metaphorically.

The melodramatic tone and understanding of Asher's suffering mother displayed how she traveled metaphorically. After her brother died, Asher's mother, Rivkeh, went through a phase of depression. Asher's father, Aryeh, had to quit his former job to support her in Brooklyn. During this time, Asher had become more curious and his love for art had grown significantly. He constantly drew without the support of both of his parents. His father was too busy with work from the Rebbe and his mother was sick. Asher tried to present his artwork to his mother, but Rivkeh rejected the way he drew. She constantly reminded Asher to draw "happy things". However, one can understand how Asher felt in this situation and how he was affected by his mother. Due to her sadness, Asher had also become heart rendered in the process. Asher was sad that his mother was sad, and he chose to draw gloomy works of art. When his mother asked him to draw, "happy things", Asher tried his best to achieve his mom's wishes and cheer her up. Many of the family were concerned on how Asher would grow considering the lack of a mother. "Rivkeh, the boy will have scars"(Potok 21) was a quote said by Rivkeh's sister. After Rivkeh's depression had passed, she decided to take on her brothers dream and get a PhD in Russian. She travels a different path, one filled with dedication. At this time, she is more supporting of Asher. With her support, and his fathers absence, Asher is able to draw and paint without his father to prevent him. Without Asher's mothers support, he would not be able to achieve his goals of becoming a fine artist. Rivkeh took Asher to many museums and bought him supplies. Because of this, Asher is more drawn into art. It is debatable that with the absence of both his parents at...
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