My Movie Review of Monster Inc.

Topics: Film, Pixar, John Lasseter Pages: 1 (302 words) Published: March 1, 2013
Monster Inc. scares you with a good time

Pixar has made many good films. Monster's Inc. has always been one of my favorite Pixar Films. I’ve watched this bunch of times and it would never lose its charm. It’s good for the whole family especially to the childish members of it. And what I like about this movie is, easy for us to remember every scene. Just like at the beginning of the movie. When Sulley roars like Chris Bosh at a mechanical kid! Honestly, I’ll only enjoy a movie when something stocked in my head and when I reacted so much on that scene. That’s what I had noticed to myself while watching movies. Cute movie that has friendly monsters. Although it's not the best Pixar film, it's good. The monsters aren't very scary maybe because it’s a kiddy cartoon movie. Even though their job is to scare kids, they're more scared of the kids themselves, although one monster traps a little girl. Kids can handle it if they're not very sensitive of monsters. There are some positive messages in this film: Sulley and Mike help take care of a little girl despite being wary of humans. Great movie but It may be too scary for younger viewers. For the whole movie, the monsters are afraid of the kids when it is supposed to be the opposite. At the end of the movie, for us Filipinos, we call it BITIN!! And some questions are jumping out of our minds like “What does Boo looks like after a few months?” This movie tells how it is not always a good idea to scare people. It's such a pretty good movie. Just a little bit of it may be scary to 4 and 5 year olds. It has some jokes for adults.
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